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climate outreach

intense storms thunderhead anvil
More intense storms accompany climate change in the midwestern United States.  (photo by joe mazza / brave lux)

The climate is already changing and more changes are coming.  animalia project offers tools, workshops and educational programs about climate change, with a focus on local impacts of climate change and local strategies for adaptation and mitigation.

animalia project offers professional development training for educators and artists interested in integrating climate change into their work.

climate action

storm clouds. joe mazza
The timing and severity of storms is affected by climate change. (photo by joe mazza / brave lux)

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is critical.  We can all play a part — in our communities, at work and at home.

animalia project offers programming and resources to help us all reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.

built habitats

The view north from Montrose Point, looking over the dunes to high rise apartments on the north side of Chicago.
Dunes and high rises share the lakefront by Montrose Point, in Chicago. (photo by joe mazza / brave lux)

Built habitats can support a diversity of life — human and wild.

animalia project shares strategies for creating and maintaining landscapes and buildings that contribute to a better environment with smaller climate footprints and helpful habitats.

transit to trail

transit to trail square logo animalia

Because it’s good to get outside, we offer a guide for visiting natural areas without getting in the car.

animalia project chronicles local explorations of nature– and the trail begins with public transit.

Give a hoot….. (photo by joe mazza / brave lux)