animalia project is committed to building a better environment for all of us.  Weaving science and education with hands-on work, animalia project mends the rift between the built habitat and the natural world by strengthening and illuminating ecological relationships.

animalia project offers educational programs and consultation on tough issues at the intersection of the built environment and the natural world. We focus on climate change and built habitats that are climate-ready.

animalia project is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Chicago, Illinois.


our name

The name animalia project comes from latin word for animal.  Humans, dogs, cats, squirrels, owls, swallows and other critters are members of the Animal Kingdom, known to biologists as Kingdom Animalia.



Susan Ask, founder and director

Susan is an ecologist and educator who has migrated between research and education–  working as a university Extension agent, conservation land manager and field ecologist– since receiving an M.E.S. in ecosystem science and management from Yale University.


Many volunteers help animalia project fulfill its mission.  From staffing information tables, to sharing photos, to fixing technological troubles– volunteers are the foundation of our work.  Thank you to our volunteers!  Find out how you can get involved.