taking action on climate

Scientists know that the climate is changing because of human activity– the greatest uncertainty is about the future level of emissions.  If we act on climate now, we can make a better future.

We can all play a role in cutting down on emissions. We can walk more and drive less, we can eat plant-based meals and grow veggies. And– to make the dramatic changes we need to avoid cataclysmic change, we can work together to create sustainable communities and nations.

intense storms thunderhead anvil
More intense storms accompany climate change in the midwestern United States. (photo by joe mazza/brave lux)

Addressing climate change requires mitigation— to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change– and adaptation— to help communities everywhere cope with the changes that are happening.

We can all make a difference–
at home, at work, in our communities.

Start right now by looking at your climate footprint, to help you find out what you can do everyday. Then, branch out to make a difference in your community and in state and national policies.

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