familiar vegetarian and vegan desserts

meatless_monday_logoGot a sweet tooth?  You can still enjoy a Meatless Monday all the way through dessert.

Vegetarian desserts are everywhere!  And vegan desserts are pretty common, too.  Here are some ideas for familiar veg desserts that are easy to find in stores and restaurants– plus, most are easy to make when you want something sweet.

frozen desserts

  • sorbet—try lemon, blueberry, raspberry, chocolate or mint
  • chipped ice with maple syrup, Vermont’s version of a snowcone
  • frozen banana, dipped in chocolate if you like– any frozen fruit or cake dipped in chocolate would be good

fruit-based desserts

raspberry bush

Dessert can be as simple as fresh fruit from the garden– or as complicated as you care to go– and it can all be veg!

  • fruit pies and tarts– it’s easy to make these without butter, milk or eggs.  Use seasonal fruits– strawberry-rhubarb in spring; peach and cherry in the summer; apple in the fall; frozen or canned fruit in the winter
  • fruit crisps and cobblers —easily made without dairy or egg
  • fruit compotes
  • apple sauce—it’s easy to make from scratch, and delicious!
  • fresh fruit salads– mix fresh, seasonal fruit with fresh mint leaves or spices like cinnamon or cardamom
  • fresh fruit– without embellishment

creamy desserts

The rich and creamy desserts are usually made with dairy and egg, but substitutions make delicious sense.  Almond milk, coconut milk and bananas give can give a wonderful creamy texture and flavor to creamy desserts.

baked desserts

Most cakes, cookies and bars can be vegan, by swapping a few ingredients or techniques.  The post-punk kitchen has some great vegan desserts—they’re well-known for their cupcakes!

  • ginger snaps from the store are often vegan
  • your favorite cakes and cookies can be vegan—experiment!

chocolatey desserts

  • dark chocolate
  • fondue– make it with dark chocolate and coconut milk or almond milk

drinks—- as dessert

if you don’t like a lot of sugar, but want a sweet treat, try a sweet drink.

  • in a tiny glass—dessert wine or maple syrup
  • soda pop
  • sweet tea

Værsågod! (Norwegian for ‘dig in!’)