climate clinics

What is a Climate Clinic?

cw climate action logo chicago wilderness climate clinicClimate change is having an impact in the Chicago Wilderness region.  Climate clinics are part of an ongoing series of workshops offered in partnership with Chicago Wilderness.  Researchers and practitioners are rapidly learning more and developing new tools in climate science, communication and response.  Each clinic will help educators keep up with the latest developments by providing updated analysis of local impacts and new resources for educators.


What educators have said about previous climate clinics:

  • Wow! The information, the feedback amongst participants, the inter-actions!  Great job-all the presenters were outstanding.  And you were able to present a very intimidating subject in a “hopeful” way, as much as possible.
  • I enjoyed the colorful & relevant materials.  They seemed to have the information in a form that I could directly relate to the students.
  • Very hopeful, positive & empowering.
  • Relaxed atmosphere and completely a-political presentations; lots of ideas and resources; interesting presenters.
  • The local impacts information will be used in educating my community.
  • It was very restorative!
  • Great job with the mix of outdoor and indoor settings.
  • Excellent resources and speakers.

Next Chicago Wilderness Climate Clinic for Educators:

Check back here in April — the rest of the 2018 schedule will be announced soon!


For more information:  contact Susan Ask