prevent collisions

bird collision solution museum campus chicago susan ask
Creating a pattern helps birds view the glass as an obstacle. (photo by susan ask)

There are solutions to bird collisions with glass.

Prevent collisions with existing windows

Where glass is used, the key is to help birds see the glass, so they can avoid it. Problems at existing windows can be solved by adding patterns, screens or other features to break up reflections and to make the glass look like something that can’t be flown through.

Design ideas for architects, builders, contractors, landscape architects and building managers

It’s usually easier to prevent a problem than to retrofit a solution.  Look here to find design ideas for new buildings.

Lights out!  Turn out ornamental lighting during migration season

And– turn off unneeded lights at night.  You’ll protect birds, plus you’ll save energy, too!

Creating bird-friendly wildlife habitat in your yard

Even landscaping can help birds avoid collisions with buildings.

What do I do if I find a bird that has hit a window?