Resources from climate clinic February 6, 2014

CW Climate Clinic for educators 

2/6/2014  at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

climate clinic agenda notebaert final


Climate Change Science and Museum Collections presentation by Dawn Roberts

Climate Change and Chicago presentation by Molly Woloszyn

Asset based Approach to Community Engagement presentation by Jenny Hirsch

Effects of Climate Change on Terrestrial Animals presentation by Steve Sullivan

Making a Difference presentation by Susan Ask


You can download and print the Climate Connections web activity shared by Kristi Backe.  The first document contains everything you need, but the second document (a word file) has the cards in an easy-to-print format that works well for making double-sided copies:

Climate Change Projections Web Activity

Climate Change Projections printable cards

Local climate data is available from the Midwestern Regional Climate Center.  Create a free account and download data and tools here.

If you’d like to use Molly’s presentation in your own work, please contact her to get some notes that elaborate on the slides.  She’s graciously offered to share those.

The Chicago Climate Action Toolkit has many tools including photo collages, the comic book and more.  Find it here.

Make a difference by shrinking the footprint of your nature center, park or school.  This directory is a work-in-progress.  Look for updates in late February.  Click here for more.

Find more resources for educators here and for action here.  These pages are frequently updated.