Walk the Walk at the March


Take a few minutes and plan ahead to March with a big impact but a small footprint.

There will be a lot of people at the marches– all around the world– so every individual decision about transportation, food, waste and supplies will contribute to a big, collective impact– with our words and our actions.

Let’s all add to something good!


reduce waste

bring a water bottle

walking, talking, singing and chanting– you will get thirsty

bring snacks

pack some food, so you don’t have to stop to buy take out with lots of packaging.  consider bringing enough to share, with people you meet (whether they are marching or asking for help along the route)

pack it in, pack it out

there are going to be a lot of people, and the recycling bins and trash cans will fill up quickly, so plan to carry your recyclables and garbage with you

getting to the march in chicago

take transit to the loop


use the cta map and website to plan your route to Federal Plaza

the el:  red or blue line (jackson stop); orange or brown line (harold washington library stop); pink, green or purple line (adams/wabash stop)

cta bus:  1,3,4,6,7,26,28,126,143,147 along michigan ave

commuter trains

use the rta trip planner to find your route to ogilvie, union and millenium stations

use the south shore line trip planner to plan your trip from indiana to millenium station

ride a bike

find out about bike sharing divvy bikes and stations

if you ride your own bike, lock it to a bike rack not a tree (city trees have a hard life, spare them extra scrapes and damage from bike locks)


share the ride with a friend (or two or three or more)

use the most fuel efficient vehicle you can

making a sign

use what you have

women’s march in chicago 1/21/17

turn your old poster presentation into a sign

use a big piece from a cardboard box

make a banner from an old sheet or fabric

salvage seamless paper from a photo studio– there are so many creative possibilities

make a handle out of paper towel tubes, rolled up newspaper or a broom handle

use sustainable materials

use recycled paper, non-toxic markers & paint

paper is better than foam

reusing signs

use your sign for another event

there’s certain to be another rally or march in the near future….

post your sign

put up your sign

Save your sign– for inspiration beyond the march.

in your lab, classroom, field stations, dorm, etc

pass your sign on

give your sign to someone who’s sticking around longer