Register to vote.  Learn about issues and candidates.  Imagine the best world you can.  Then vote.

Our lives, and the health of the living planet, are affected everyday by the laws, agencies and programs of our government.  In a democracy, we have several ways to influence government action; one way we can change things is to vote.

Election Day

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

voter registration and polling place information

Register to vote online and find information about voter registration, polling places and more from the League of Women Voters.  This is useful nationwide.

Register, get reminders on election day and find more information from  This is useful nationwide.

Chicago Board of Election Commissioners

If you live in Chicago, you can find voter information here.

Chicago Votes

Register, learn about voting rights, find election dates and locations in Chicago, from a new non-profit that focuses on young voters.

sample ballots and information about candidates and issues


A site that gathers credible information about candidates and ballot issues from across the country, from the University of Chicago.

judicial races in Cook County, Illinois

Injustice Watch

This site, operated by a non-profit journalism organization, consolidates information about potential judges from a variety of sources including state and local bar associations.

The sites listed above are hosted by non-partisan organizations that share information to increase participation in voting.

learn more

Read your local papers, consult reliable websites, attend candidate events, talk to people and review information from organizations you trust to learn more about issues and candidates.