puppet by joe mazza recycled materials for art and nature

joe’s garage

Come to our next event:  Joe’s Garage Holiday Sale!

Joe's Garage Holiday Sale 12/10/16 4 pm - 8 pm at 1770 W. Berteau Ave Chicago

Saturday, December 10th, 2016     4 pm until 8 pm

at the brave lux studio  1770 W. Berteau Ave (at Ravenswood) Chicago

What will you find?

  • fine art frames — these are brand new and beautiful (donated by a Chicago art gallery)
  • clear acrylic sheets– brand new and unscathed
  • archival mat boards– these are brand new too!  mostly white or ivory
  • fabric– mostly new.  includes upholstery fabric
  • bags– for hauling musical equipment, photo gear and whatnot
  • totes– for hauling groceries and everything else
  • metal stands
  • sewing notions
  • colorful paper– big pieces of seamless photo paper and small bits from magazines, etc
  • gifts for artists, makers and handy-people
  • inspiration

Check back– we’ll add more items– and photos!

And– make your own postcards!

We’ll have cards and nature-themed stamps for making your own cards.  Why not stop by and make a few cards that fit your mood– holiday cards for friends or action cards for legislators, business leaders, media, regulators and others.

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While you’re there

Visit the Half-Baked Holiday Sale with our downstairs neighbor Chicago Glass Collective.  They’ll be selling hand-made glass art from various artists.

Depending on how much space we have available, we welcome donations.  If you’d like to donate materials, please email susan (ask ~at~ animaliaproject ~dot~ org).  If you can include a description of the materials– and a photo– that’d be great!  If we don’t have room, we’ll try to help you find an organization that can accept your donation.  Thank you!