Transit to Trail intern

Transit to Trail is a guide to getting to nature without getting in the car.  Taking public transit to explore nature is an easy and sustainable alternative to driving—and burning more fossil fuels.

We are looking for interns! Depending on skills and interests, interns might:

    • assist with planning Transit to Trail excursions
    • prepare promotional materials
    • assist with map-making
    • assist with logistics during the excursions
    • build social media connections
    • conduct research related to the Transit to Trail program

Climate Clinic intern

animalia project offers climate clinics for educators, artists, gardeners and others. We help people learn the science of climate change and explore creative ideas for integrating education and solutions into their work.

Do you want to be part of this program? Interns might:

    • assist with planning climate clinics
    • prepare materials to share at clinics and through social media
    • assist with running climate clinics
    • develop social media connections
    • conduct research related to climate change

Right now, these are unpaid internships. But, we hope to have funding soon to provide stipends for interns working in both these programs.

Find out more & apply

If you’re interested, please send your resume and a letter describing your background and interest to: Susan Ask, director