familiar vegetarian and vegan lunches

meatless_monday_logo_250x134Meatless Monday is tomorrow.  And today is World Health Day, when the World Health Organization is asking people to think about, and do something about, high blood pressure (the 2013 theme).  Why not use the occasion to pack your lunch for Meatless Monday?

Vegetarian lunches might be as easy as vegetarian breakfasts.  Lots of lunch-bag staples are vegetarian or vegan.  Maybe it’s because we often eat lunch away from home and want foods that won’t spoil in our backpacks or desk drawers– and some, but not all, vegetarian and vegan foods are fine without refrigeration.

Today’s list of familiar foods that are vegetarian and vegan focuses on lunch—especially lunch away from home.  You can make these lunches at home to carry along through the day or you can order many of these meals at lunchtime restaurants, including some of the major chains.

familiar vegetarian and vegan sandwiches

Sandwiches are a familiar staple, with lots of familiar vegetarian and vegan choices.  Because sandwiches are often composed with what you have on hand—without a recipe—it’s easy to create a vegetarian or vegan sandwich.  If you’re new to vegan sandwiches, add some zippy sauces (like vinaigrette or pesto) or bright condiments (like mustard, pickles or olives) to intensify the flavors on your sandwich.

  1. homos & veggie-stuffed pita
  2. veggie wrap
  3. bean burrito
  4. open-faced veggie sandwich
  5. portobello burger
  6. pb & j
  7. peanut butter and apple or banana sandwich—for some fresh variety
  8. bagel and peanut butter
  9. make your own sandwich with any leftovers

Try marinating vegetables in a vinaigrette, then piling the seasoned veggies in a roll, pita or wrap.

familiar vegan soup

Some common soups are often vegan, but check the menu or ask the server if the soup stock is vegetarian when you don’t make it yourself.

  1. tomato soup
  2. lentil soup
  3. butternut squash soup
  4. gazpacho
  5. minestrone vegetable soup

familiar vegan salads

If you’re buying a salad, it can be surprisingly hard to find a prepared salad that doesn’t have big chunks of meat in it.

  1. pasta salad– with many variations
  2. tossed green salad– with even more variations

Make a big pot of soup or a big salad on the weekend, so you have a week’s worth of home-made vegan lunches all ready to go.

easy-to-find or make vegetable and fruit based lunches

  1. veggies and dip
  2. fruit smoothie
  3. baked potato
  4. vegetable sushi

And—why not have a second breakfast if none of these ideas inspire?

Værsågod! (Norwegian for ‘dig in!’)

For lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes, try Meatless Monday and Post-punk kitchen (especially for the dairy and egg-free baking recipes).


author:  Susan Ask