familiar vegetarian and vegan dinners

meatless_monday_logo_160x86Dinner can be daunting.  The classic American meat-and-potatoes dinner seems like the standard meal, but tastes have been changing and there’s more to a familiar supper than a cut of meat and a side of potatoes.

When you think about familiar foods on the dinner menu, there are a lot of vegetarian classics.  And there are many dishes that combine vegetables or grains with just a small amount of meat– and the meat can be easily omitted.

Here are some ideas to get us started, but this topic is going to have to span several posts.  The underlined text links to recipes ideas from a variety of sources– ranging from Good Housekeeping to vegan food blogs.


stir fry


rice dishes

from the grill



baked potatoes

Dress up a baked potato with all kinds of toppings– if you’re in a real meat-and-potatoes place, this might be your best option.  Top a potato with any of these:

  • olive oil, salt and black pepper
  • green onions or shallots
  • sauteed broccoli and red pepper
  • avocado or guacamole
  • fresh basil or parsley
  • chili
  • stew

There are more ideas in the veg cookout, lunch, leftovers and even breakfast posts.

We’ll come back to this topic again!

Værsågod! (Norwegian for ‘dig in!’)

Author:  Susan Ask