resources from 2021 Summer Curriculum Workshop with the European Union Center at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Here are some of the resources shared during the Climate change in every classroom session by Susan Ask


Visual Collage

Photos are a great tool for getting people to talk about their habits– and to recognize some of the ways that they are already taking climate action!

Asset Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help identify assets in your school or community You can do this on your own, with your students, with your colleagues or with your community. When you have more people in the conversation, you’ll identify more assets.

Impacts (footprints & issues)

Footprint calculator (most useful in the US & Canada)

Footprint calculators (more useful globally)

Local climate issues


Project Drawdown

There are many solutions that can help reduce climate pollution. Explore some of the big solutions that have a big impact, described and analyzed by Project Drawdown.

Tools & networks for school sustainability

Teaching tools

Making a local connection

A few fun activities

More coming soon!