climate science resources

The scientific consensus is clear: the climate is changing because of human activity. Researchers continue to track evidence of changes in climatic conditions, ecosystems, health, the economy and social systems.

Some significant reports and resources are listed here.

the latest climate science

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is an important resource for understanding the global scale and impacts of climate change, as well as the scientific consensus on climate change.

U.S. National Climate Assessment

Climate Impacts, Risks and Adapation in the US are described in Volume II of the National Climate Assessment, published in November 2018.  Volume I of the Fourth National Climate Assessment, published in 2017, focuses on the science of climate change.  The previous assessment, in 2014, is still useful and includes chapters that focus on themes and sectors, including agriculture, water, transportation, forests, etc. There are also chapters on each region of the country, including the Midwest.

The Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes (2019)

This report evaluates trends in the Great Lakes and discusses the implications for the region.

Illinois State Climatologist

The website and blog has data and articles on climatic conditions in Illinois.

technical reports in Chicago & Great Lakes

An Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes was published in March 2019. This report by 18 scientists was commissioned by the Environmental Law and Policy Center.

In the Chicago Wilderness region, read about the Climate Action Plan for Nature and a climate change update to the biodiversity recovery plan.

In northern Indiana and northern Illinois, the technical reports referenced in the Chicago Climate Action Plan will be useful.

In Wisconsin, technical reports are available from the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts and personal stories featured on Climate Wisconsin.

climate plans in the Chicago region

Planners have developed climate action plans for the region; find them here. Some of these include data on local climate trends.

online climate networks

Climate Access

This online network is a forum for sharing resources for community engagement and climate action.

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKEx)

This online exchange features case studies, tools and discussions about adapting to climate change.

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