birds and buildings

Have you ever heard a bird hit a window?  Or seen it?

The reflected image tree hazard for birds bird collision hazard glass window reflection animalia project susan ask
The reflected image of a tree creates a hazard for birds. (photo by susan ask)

Most people have.  When you add up all those experiences, it’s evident that bird collisions with glass pose a significant hazard to birds.  The problem is worse when birds migrate through cities and towns every spring and fall—thousands of birds can be killed each year at a single, large building.  Even a single apartment or house can be a problem– research in Illinois found that windows on houses were struck by 1 to 4 birds each year.

Sometimes we see it; sometimes we don’t.  Across North America, hundreds of millions of birds die from collisions every year.

Many species are affected from hummingbirds to hawks, including endangered species.

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