art supply exchanges in (and near) Chicago

Make art with a big impact and a small footprint.

Explore these resources to reuse, repurpose and recycle art and craft supplies:

colored pencils photo by joe mazza / brave lux

Have art supplies you don’t need? Need art supplies you don’t have? Get to an art supply exchange. photo by joe mazza / brave lux

art and design materials

Joe’s garage

animalia project‘s occasional, pop-up art supply exchange for artists, craft-makers, teachers and anyone creating art.  Check our event calendar for upcoming dates.

The Wasteshed

a storefront in Chicago that sells reclaimed art supplies at low prices.  They accept donations, too.  Check out their workshops on mending clothes, making crafts and more.

Zero Landfill Chicago

provides free surplus & outdated architectural and interior design samples for teachers, artists, students and arts educators at semi-annual exchanges in Chicago.  Look for interesting fabric, wallpaper, tile, glass, metal, carpet, laminates and more.  They also have binders, books, matboard and foamcore.

Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange (CCRx)

accepts art supplies, office supplies and other materials, then donates them to Chicago teachers.

Creative Pitch

provides free art supplies to art educators, art therapists and other professionals in need.  They offer graphic design supplies including crayons, pens, paper, paint, brushes, canvas, glue, scissors, rulers, clay and more.  Donations are accepted.  To receive supplies, apply on their website.

Resource Center

has lots of zero waste programs, including a recycling center.  The home of Creative Reuse Warehouse, a resource for finding salvaged art and craft supplies.


offers a wide range of supplies for schools, including art supplies, paper, furniture and books for teachers and non-profts.  Find out about making donations and how to get materials for your school.  (Located in  in Glen Ellyn.)

Upcycling Colors

collects used art, craft and school supplies and games (and suitcases!) that they clean, sort and distribute to schools and youth groups around the world.  They have several drop off locations in Chicago.


architectural materials

ReBuilding Exchange

sells salvaged building materials, large and small, including lumber, windows, drawer pulls, sinks, faucets, mirrors and lots more– in Chicago.  And– they offer classes to help you make your own stuff with wood.

ReStore Chicago

sells donated (often new) building supplies, furniture and appliances– in Chicago.  Sales benefit Habitat for Humanity and their work to build homes in Chicago.

Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse

sells a wide variety of salvaged building materials, including lumber, flooring, windows, plumbing and lots more– in Evanston. They host a series of architecture workshops, too.

Horigan Urban Forest Products

sells wood from the urban forest.  They have lumber salvaged from storm- and insect-damaged trees; species include ash, maple and other trees with beautiful grain.


Many of these organizations need volunteers to keep things going.  Maybe you can help them out?


recycling information for other materials

For information about recycling in Chicago:

Chicago / Recycle by City 

The City’s official recycling information page is very helpful and kinda fun.  It includes a useful guide (with good photos of what can be recycled), a quiz for testing your knowledge and more.  Check it out!

Chicago Recycling Coalition

has been working on improving waste disposal options for decades.   Explore their resources and get involved.

You may be surprised to find what can be repurposed.  Whenever disposing of something, check these sites to see if the material is collected for recycling or repurposing.  Unfortunately, these sites provide little information on what is done with the materials, so ask questions before you deliver or send your materials to find out how they will be used.

Earth 911

look up local recycling locations for specific materials.


find options for bulk collection of unusual materials, primarily packing for food and toiletries.


Most of these organizations are on facebook, instagram & twitter, too.  They often have more information– and pictures of their latest stock on social media.

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last updated:  7/12/18